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A high density polymer-based integrated electrode apparatus that comprises a central electrode body and a multiplicity of arms extending from the electrode body. The central electrode body and the multiplicity of arms are comprised of a silicone material with metal features in said silicone material that comprise electronic circuits.

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Biopsy of AMLs had no Unicameral simple bone cysts. Since their original description by Virchow, simple bone cysts have been studied repeatedly. Although these defects are not true neoplasms, simple bone cysts may create major structural defects of the humerus, femur, and os calcis. They are commonly discovered incidentally when x-rays are taken for other reasons or on presentation due to a pathologic fracture.

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Various treatment strategies have been employed, but the only reliable predictor of success of any treatment strategy is the age of the patient; those being older than 10 years of age heal their cysts at a higher rate than those under age The goal of management is the formation of a bone that can withstand the stresses of use by the patient without evidence of continued bone destruction as determined by serial radiographic follow-up. The goal is not a normal-appearing x-ray, but a functionally stable bone. Simple and aneurysmal bone cysts are benign lytic bone lesions, usually encountered in children and adolescents.

Simple bone cyst is a cystic, fluid-filled lesion, which may be unicameral UBC or partially separated. UBC can involve all bones, but usually the long bone metaphysis and otherwise primarily the proximal humerus and proximal femur. The classic aneurysmal bone cyst ABC is an expansive and hemorrhagic tumor, usually showing characteristic translocation. ABCs are metaphyseal, excentric, bulging, fluid-filled and multicameral, and may develop in all bones of the skeleton.

On MRI, the fluid level is evocative. UBCs resolve spontaneously between adolescence and adulthood; the main concern is the risk of pathologic fracture. Treatment in non-threatening forms consists in intracystic injection of methylprednisolone. When there is a risk of fracture, especially of the femoral neck, surgery with curettage, filling with bone substitute or graft and osteosynthesis may be required. ABCs are potentially more aggressive, with a risk of bone destruction. Diagnosis must systematically be confirmed by biopsy, identifying soft-tissue parts, as telangiectatic sarcoma can mimic ABC.

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Intra-lesional sclerotherapy with alcohol is an effective treatment. In spinal ABC and in aggressive lesions with a risk of fracture, surgical treatment should be preferred, possibly after preoperative embolization.

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The risk of malignant transformation is very low, except in case of radiation therapy. Infected orbital cyst following exenteration. An orbital cyst is a rare complication of orbital trauma and exenteration. Infections of such cysts have not been described, and are potentially dangerous unless treated immediately.

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The authors describe a case of delayed treatment of such an infected cyst , which resolved following surgical drainage. The potentially hazardous outcome makes knowledge of such cases important. A method of preparing high-density thorium oxide spheres for use in pellet beds in nuclear reactors is presented. Sinterable thorium oxide is first converted to free-flowing granules by means such as compression into a compact and comminution of the compact. The granules are then compressed into cubes having a density of 5. The cubes are tumbled to form spheres by attrition, and the spheres are then fired at to deg C.

The fired spheres are then polished and fired at a temperature above deg C to obtain high density. Spherical pellets produced by this method are highly resistant to mechanical attrition hy water. Fine Grain, High Density Graphite. The parameters of 1C In this assessment, BIS specifically examined: Films were grown with a C to C supercooling at Most water ice in the universe is in a form which does not occur naturally on Earth and of which only minimal amounts have been made in the laboratory.

We have encountered this ' high-density amorphous ice' in electron diffraction experiments of low-temperature T less than 30 K vapor-deposited water and have subsequently modeled its structure using molecular dynamics simulations.

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The characteristic feature of high-density amorphous ice is the presence of 'interstitial' oxygen pair distances between 3 and 4 A. However, we find that the structure is best described as a collapsed lattice of the more familiar low-density amorphous form. These distortions are frozen in at temperatures below 38 K because, we propose, it requires the breaking of one hydrogen bond, on average, per molecule to relieve the strain and to restructure the lattice to that of low-density amorphous ice. Several features of astrophysical ice analogs studied in laboratory experiments are readily explained by the structural transition from high-density amorphous ice into low-density amorphous ice.

Changes in the shape of the 3. Separation of the cases of calcifying odontogenic cyst associated with odontoma COCaO may lead to a better understanding of the pathogenesis of this lesion. The literature revealed 52 cases of COCaO. The male to female ratio was 1: Most common location was the maxilla The radiographic appearance of most cases Histologically, the lesions consisted of a single large cyst with tooth-like structures as an integral part, giving the impression of a single lesion.

In addition to the unique histologic features, differences in gender and distribution were found between the cases of COCaO and those of simple COC. COCaO may be regarded as a separate entity and classified as a benign, mixed odontogenic tumor. The term odontocalcifying odontogenic cyst is suggested. Nasal dermoid sinus cyst. Nasal dermoid sinus cyst is one of the diagnoses of midline nasal masses in children. This retrospective study analyzes the various theories regarding the origin of this congenital abnormality, the differential diagnosis, and the value of magnetic resonance imaging, as well as the various surgical options available.

Unicameral and aneurysmal bone cysts.


One hundred and seventy-eight cases of unicameral bone cysts UBC treated with curettage and bone grafting were compared to cases treated with cortisone injections. The end results were comparable in the two groups. Local recurrence risk factors in the surgical group were active cyst and previous operations. In the other group they were multilocation of the cyst , active cyst , and size of cyst. The treatment of choice in ABC is surgical and the type curettage, curettage plus phenole or cryosurgery, resection or hemiresection is selected on the basis of the radiographic aspect and the rate of growth of the cyst.

Radiotherapy is only indicated in inoperable ABC cases. Regional cyst concentration as a prognostic biomarker for polycystic kidney disease. Polycystic kidney disease PKD is a major cause of renal failure.

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The highest crystallinity contents and decomposition temperatures were observed at the 1 phr GP loading. This paper describes a revolutionary materials structure and power storage concept based on the in-situ production of abiotic carbon 4 compounds. One of the largest single mass penalties required to support the human exploration of Mars is the surface habitat. This proposal will use physical chemical technologies to produce high density polyethylene HDPE inflatable structures and construction materials from Mars atmospheric CO2.

The formation of polyethylene from Mars CO2 is based on the use of the Sabatier and modified Fischer Tropsch reactions. The proposed system will fully integrate with existing in-situ propellant production concepts. The technology will also be capable of supplementing human caloric requirements, providing solid and liquid fuels for energy storage, and providing significant reduction in mission risk. This reduction in mass will significantly contribute to the reduction in total mission cost need to make a Mars mission a reality.

In addition the potential reduction of risk provided by the ability to produce C4 and potentially higher carbon based materials in-situ on Mars is significant. Food, fuel, and shelter are only three of many requirements that would be impacted by this research. Durability of a fin-tube latent heat storage using high density polyethylene as PCM. Polymers have rarely been used as storage materials in latent heat storages up to now. Thus, we systematically screened all polymers available on a large-scale, selected promising ones based on their theoretical properties and experimentally tested more than 50 candidates.

We found that polyethylene , polyoxymethylene and polyamides are promising even as recycled material. We built a storage with kg HDPE and a total mass of kg based on a fin-tube heat exchanger and characterized its energy capacity, power characteristics and temperature profiles using a thermal oil test rig. After usage we examined the interior of the storage by cutting it into various pieces.

A thin layer of degradation was observed on the surfaces of the PCM which is most likely related to thermo-oxidative degeneration of HDPE. However, the bulk of the PCM is still intact as well as the heat exchanger itself. Morphology, Mechanical and Thermal Expansion Performance. The effect of individual and combined talc and glass fibers GFs on mechanical and thermal expansion performance of the filled high density polyethylene HDPE composites was studied. Several published models were adapted to fit the measured tensile modulus and strength of various composite systems.

It was shown that the use of silane-modified GFs had a much larger effect in improving mechanical properties and in reducing linear coefficient of thermal expansion LCTE values of filled composites, compared with the use of un-modified talc particles due to enhanced bonding to the matrix, larger aspect ratio, and fiber alignment for GFs. Mechanical properties and LCTE values of composites with combined talc and GF fillers varied with talc and GF ratio at a given total filler loading level.

The use of a larger portion of GFs in the mix can lead to better composite performance, while the use of talc can help lower the composite costs and increase its recyclability. Tensile modulus for talc-filled composite can be predicted with rule of mixture, while a PPA-based model can be used to predict the modulus and strength of GF-filled composites. In this study, the effect of different durability treatments on sorption and desorption isotherms of southern yellow pine SYP - high density polyethylene HDPE composites was investigated.

All samples showed sorption hysteresis at a fixed RH. Similar results were observed among the samples containing different amount of zinc borate ZB. High density polyethylene and hydrocarbon waxes. The structure and morphology of these blends were investigated by scanning electron microscopy SEM. Wine evolution and spatial distribution of oxygen during storage in high-density polyethylene tanks. Porous plastic tanks are permeable to oxygen due to the nature of the polymers with which they are manufactured. In the wine industry, these types of tanks are used mainly for storing wine surpluses.

Lately, their use in combination with oak pieces has also been proposed as an alternative to mimic traditional barrel ageing. In this study, the spatial distribution of dissolved oxygen in a wine-like model solution, and the oxygen transfer rate OTR of high-density polyethylene tanks HDPE , was analysed by means of a non-invasive opto-luminescence detector.

Also, the chemical and sensory evolution of red wine, treated with oak pieces, and stored in HDPE tanks was examined and compared against traditional oak barrel ageing. The average OTR calculated for these tanks was within the commonly accepted amounts reported for new barrels. With regards to wine evolution, a number of compositional and sensory differences were observed between the wines aged in oak barrels and those stored in HDPE tanks with oak barrel alternatives. The use of HDPE tanks in combination with oak wood alternatives is a viable alternative too for ageing wine.

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